Pet Services


We are pleased to offer excellent boarding care in our purpose built kennel and cattery that are directly connected to the hospital facility.

We will give priority to bookings for pets that have pre-existing medical needs. This is a premium service you may choose that gives the extra re-assurance of daily veterinary supervision during your pet's stay with us. We will ensure all medications are meticulously monitored and administered by veterinary staff and that additional checks are scheduled if they are needed. We can even arrange for routine surgeries to be scheduled with us – so we will monitor all of your pet's post-surgical recovery for you!

  • Cat boarding is available in our air-conditioned unit. Each pet will be individually housed, brushed and fed, though you can choose to let 'best pals' share if they prefer to have each other's company.
  • Dog boarding in our spacious individual kennels within the air-conditioned boarding unit is safe and secure for your canine companions. They will enjoy daily exercise in our secure run and a refreshing bath before you collect them.
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